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Create mobile apps with integrated Chat

The Instant messaging & Users plugin manages the I.B.C. App Maker chat. This service is very similar to Whatsapp or Telegram. The plugin is designed to send instant messages to all the users who share the same app and have created a chat account. You can send videos, images, photos and documents. Unlike the more well-known softwares, I.B.C. App Maker has created a chat that has the characteristics of a social network. In fact it is not necessary to know a user's phone number to send him messages, but it is enough he registered and authorized the public use of his Account. Users can be searched by name, company or city. The chat can be encrypted and using the Security plugin it is possible to defend against spyware and trojans making communications absolutely safe.

In order to test the chat, you need to have at least two smartphones with different accounts.

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