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AppInApp plugin to share users and contents

Avoid having your customers install a lot of apps. A SINGLE app can contain them all.


App in App list

Users often don't want to install new apps on their phone because they take up a lot of space. The e-commerce apps of small and medium-sized companies, public bodies are the least installed. The web allows you to access various contents only with a browser without installing various applications on your PC or phone. Furthermore, for web developers it is difficult or perhaps impossible to share users of multiple sites and implement commercial campaigns for affiliations of new users by sharing users and services with other apps. The sharing of information and users between small companies and between public bodies is essential to disseminate your content and / or services as much as possible.

With this plugin any app can host a native Android / iOS app, created with I.B.C. App Maker without installing it on the device. The user can use it directly from the app that hosts it without installing it on their phone and without wasting space on their device. If more companies or software houses want to create an app that contains more sites, perhaps e-commerce sites, or more sites of public bodies and want to share resources, services and users, they can do it at low cost, almost like it happens on the web.

To do this, the hosted apps must really be created with I.B.C. App Maker, uploaded to the various stores and the binaries must reside on our servers. We will work the miracle!

The costs are quite low. For each app hosted on yours, you need to pay for an AppInApp plugin license.

With this plugin, as happens in web portals that contain links to multiple sites, you can create a "portal" app that contains and allows you to run multiple apps on your device without wasting storage space.


To develop your app see this links :

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