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Android and iOS apps with many plugins.

I.B.C. App Maker features


I.B.C. AppMaker features

I.B.C. App Maker is the fastest way to create compiled and native applications that allows users without programming skills to create apps for Apple and Android devices and publish them on Google Play & iTunes.
I.B.C. App Maker firstly became popular among small and medium business companies and then in larger as well. It has found the way to create applications that are particularly useful for reaching new customers and creating mobile e-commerce solutions.
With I.B.C. App Maker, there is only a powerful configurator to customize, download, install and to define your project on our website and then immediately test the result with our demo on Google Play Store.
Here are 12 reasons to use I.B.C. App Maker to create your mobile apps:
  1. You can design the product using a CMS.
  2. Programming skills are not required.
  3. You can use many plugins to create professional apps.
  4. You can use instant messaging like Whatsapp or telegram.
  5. You can use barcode or quad code to manage your data.
  6. You can create your database using multilevel user profiles.
  7. You can use touch signature to sign your documents.
  8. You can use Maps and GPS to localize your data.
  9. You can send Push Notifications.
  10. You can use the device camera for photos, share and upload them on your server.
  11. You can publish your app on Google Play and iTunes.
  12. You can share the App with your friends.



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