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How to create mobile apps from Joomla

Native Apps from Joomla web sites


Use Joomla and I.B.C. App Maker for a fast Android app development

Creating native Joomla apps for Android and iOS with I.B.C. App Maker is very simple and fast. Also to test Joomla applications you can use our demo test on a mobile device.

If you are not a XCode, Objective C or Android Studio software developer, don't worry: with this platform anyone can have an App.

First of all, install Joomla on localhost or on your hosting. Please see this link if you are new to this CMS.

Download the device connection plugin and install this on your website. This plugin is free.

If you want notifications for users on your app (strongly recommended), also buy and download the notification plugin too. You can install it like the previous one. This plugin isn't free.

Download the Device configurator from our website (it's free). In this way, you can edit templates, labels, colors, fonts, languages, menu items, menu pages, login page and all the plugins you want to use for  your app. The App Maker supports 5 languages by default. I.B.C. App Maker has its own Registration and Login forms. You may have on your Windows machine a very simple preview of the interface, but you can test your application using our I.B.C. App Maker on a mobile device.

To test the app on your device install from Google play store I.B.C. App Maker on your device. Login with your I.B.C. account, open the menu on top and select 'Test app ...'. Insert your web site url and wait. PAY ATTENTION : before doing this, you must install the connection plugin on your web site.

At the moment it is not possible to test the app on iOS because Apple's policy prevents applications such as I.B.C. App Maker from being uploaded to the App Store. In this regard you can visit App Store Review Guideline 2.5.2. We are working to solve this problem and offer our users the possibility to test the app on Apple devices.

If you are satisfied with your app, register your project in this website inserting some information (Company name, Devoloper name, Company initials) on Android, iOS or Multi platform projects' pages.

Now you can buy the license and in a few hours you will receive an email with the files to install on your Google play store.



To develop your app see this links :

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